The Main Library offers to all interested a wide range of services which include:

Library services

  • offering the materials such as books, journals, collection of indexing and abstracting sources, research materials, and special collections to all interested
  • borrowing books and interlibrary loan service for registered users - for UTP staff and students only*
  • advice and help in searching for needed materials in other Polish as well as foreign libraries

  • Information services

  • information about UTP and other both Polish and foreign libraries' holdings available via their online catalogues
  • localization of holdings of other libraries
  • giving factographic information ( institutions, persons, terminology, facts, events, products etc.)
  • searching for bibliographic data both in traditional and electronic sources (for example printed bibliographies, databases and e-journals)
  • information about standards and patents
  • preparing citation analysis of the UTP staff

  • Training services

  • introductory trainings for undergraduate students
  • instructions in the use of information sources according to the needs of particular groups as well as individuals both UTP staff and students

  • *Some of the services such as borrowing books and interlibrary loan according to the Main Library Regulations are available for UTP students and staff only.