The Library collects various types of holdings necessary to support the University's research, teaching and studying The holdings are collected by regular purchasing, national and international exchange, collecting deposits, gifts and subscribtion of periodicals. Most of the holdings are closely related to the subjects studied in UTP and needs of the University (technology, agriculture and economics). Other disciplines are represented only by general literature. As the biggest scientific library in region the UTP library collects also wide range of Polish Standards, and patents documentation, fulfilling the role of regional standards and patents information center.


  • technical sciences: building engineering, chemistry, highway engineering, machines design and operation, electrical engineering, electronic engineering, physics, geodesy, geotechnics, computer sciences, materials engineering, sanitary engineering, mathematics, mechanics, environmental engineering, telecommunication

  • agricultural sciences: biochemistry, botany, ecology, agricultural chemistry, agricultural consulting, economics, entomology, phytopathology, physiology, genetics, soil science, plant raising, animal breeding, agricultural engineering, microbiology, environmental protection, zootechny, animal feeding

  • other disciplines: economy and finance, organization and management, marketing, social policy, political sciences, philisophy, socjology, psychology, pedagogy, newest history

    Library stock

  • books: 234 tys. volumes
  • Polish periodicals: 254 subscribed titles
  • foreign periodicals: 24 subscribed titles
  • Polish Standards: 24.456 units
  • patents documentation: 155.359 units
  • related literature: 1.505 units

    Library holdings

  • books: scientific books, textbooks, printed series of course lections, handbooks, guidebooks, encyclopedias, lexicons

  • periodicals: printed journals, e-journals, book series, scientific bulletins of universities, statistical yearbooks

  • Special Collection: standards (PN, PN EN ISO, PN IEC, PN EN, PN ISO, PN EN ISO/IEC, PN ISO/IEC, PN ISO/IEC ISP, PN EN ISP, PN CISPR, PN ETS, PN ETSI EN), patents documentation, cartography, related catalogues, doctoral theses, records, databases on CD-ROM